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Fitness Center

Fitness Center is Open with COVID-19 Restrictions

The Fitness Center in its new location will be reopening on Thursday, July 16 at 5:00am. If you drive over to the new site, then only park in the west lot and then walk over to the Fitness Center which is across the square from Daltons.

Please Read and Adhere to the following:

To accommodate and navigate all of the new rules and requirements laid out by the IDPH for the Covid-19 Phase 4 Reopening, we have to put in place and adhere to several new rules to keep all users as safe as possible during this time.

Until further notice please follow these rules and signs posted at the entrance and within the Fitness Center.

  • All FC FOB users must sign and return the revised FOB Agreement to Premier. This is required for current Key FOB holders as well as new Key FOB Requests. Once these are received by Premier they can get your FOB reactivated for use or provide you with a new Key FOB.
  • FC Hours will be 5am to 9pm Daily
  • Capacity of 10 users at a time. Anymore and it will be difficult to maintain Social Distancing.
  • Face Masks should be used except when doing cardio workouts where Face Masks may pose issues.
  • FC Users - Sanitize before and after use of any/all equipment (4 spray bottles with sanitizer are now in place). The FC is not staffed and users are responsible.
  • All contact surfaces and equipment will be sanitized daily (before or after hours)
  • Limit workouts to 1-hour (especially if others are waiting)
  • Respect the Signage throughout FC, including 'Do not enter if you have any symptoms' as well as several others.
  • Use Hand Sanitizer at FC as frequently as is needed.
  • Restroom is closed for use. Do Not Use
  • Social Distancing is required and as such some cardio equipment has been taken out of service and signage placed.

It is unfortunate that the Grand Reopening of the new Fitness Center Location has these precautions, but we need to minimize the risks of everyone in our community as much as possible, but still allow you to get your workout in.

There are video surveillance cameras in place and these will be monitored daily, please adhere to the posted rules. Anyone who doesn’t follow these rules that are in place for all of our health and safety, will lose their access to the facility.

There has been a lot of hard work put in to get the new Fitness Center ready and reopened. A HUGE THANK YOU to the Fitness Center Committee, PCHOA Board, Premier Management and the 2 dozen awesome neighbors who volunteered to make this possible. Thank you!

Please enjoy and respect everyone around you.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email the Board.

Best Regards,

Rick Cummisford

Originally Published 07/15/2020

Important Information

Location: Station Square, Across from Dalton''s Cakes

Hours: 5:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Opens: 07/16/20

Costs: $10 Fob